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Week 1
Date: August, 22nd,2017
Period 1: REVISION
 Objective:
- By the end of the lesson,Ss will be able to remind the forms, the uses of tense or vocabulary
they’ve learnt.
 Language focus:
1. Vocabulary:
2. Grammar:
 Teaching aids: lesson plan, sub-board,…
 Procedure:
1. Present perfect tense:
- Call Ss to remind, ask Ss to make examples and then give the form and the uses.
a) Use:
b) Form: Have/ Has + P2
c) Example:
We have learnt English for 2 years / since 2008.
Have you ever been to Boston?
I haven’t met Mi Tam yet.
* Note: The P.P tense often goes with” for, since, never, ever, just, already…”
2. Past progressive tense:
? How is the past progressive verb formed?
? What is it used for?
- Ask Ss to give the uses, the form and then make some examples with positive, negative and
a) Use: to express an action that waas happening in definite time in the past.
b) Form: Was/ Were +
c) Example:
I was reading an English book at 5 pm yesterday.
They weren’t playing tennis at that time last Sunday.
3. Passive form:
- Ask Ss to write the form of passive on the board
FORM: Be + P2
Ex: The book was bought for me by my mother
- Call Ss rremind the rules of changing from active to passive
* Note: There are tenses in active, we also have tenses in passive.
4. Reported Speech:
? Some kinds of reported speech
* Statement: S + said +( that) + S + V ( lui thi)…
* Yes / No question: S + asked + if/whether + S + V ( lui thi)…
* Requests: S + asked / told + O + to-V …
Note: Verbs in reported speech, we must move a tense back
5. Modal verbs:
- Call Ss to name some modal verbs they have learnt and distinguish the to use these modal verbs:
must, can could, may, ought to, should,…
( Especially, to make requests, offers, …)
6. Comparision:
- Comparision with “ like, ( not) as…as, ( not) the same as, different from,…”
Ex: English is different from Math.
- Comparative and superlative Adj.
7. Adverbs of place and adverbs of manner in English sentence;
- Adverbs of place
- Adverbs of manner
8. Requests:
- Would / Do you mind +…?
- Would / Do you mind if…?
9. Other structures:
a) Enough:
- Call a student to write the strusture with “ enough”:
S + be ( not) + Adj + enough + to-verb…
b) In order to / so as to: -> adverbs of purpose
c) Verb forms: + “ed” and “ ing” participles
+ verb + to-verb
+ question word befope to-infinitive
II. Test yourself:
* Multiple choice: Choose the best answer:
1, My mother showed me how __________ clothes.
a. to make b. making c. make d. made
2, These houses __________ 100 years ago
a. are built b. built c. were built d. build
3, Our teacher asked us __________ we liked to go camping in the coming festival.
a. whether if b. if c. what d. if whether
4, My family has decided __________ DaLat in the summer.
a. to visit b. visit c. visited d. visits
5, I always remember ___________ off the light before going to bed.
a. turn b. turning c. to turn d. turned
6, Life in the city is different __________ life in the country.
a. with b. of c. from d. to
7, I prefer tea ___________ coffe.
a. rather b. than c. more
8, The fresh air in the countryside is good for our __________ .
a. healthy b. health c. healthful d. healthily
9, My computer hasn’t __________ since last week.
a. worked b. work c. working d. works
10, Are you ____________ in detective films?
a. interested b. interesting c. interest d. interests
Keys: 1A, 2C, 3B, 4A, 5C, 6C, 7D, 8B, 9A, 10A.
III. Consolidation:
- Introduce English 9 to Ss in general.
Week 1
Date : August, 22nd, 2017
Period 2:
By the end of the lesson, Ss will make a new topic: introduce with a pen pal about Viet Nam,
especially in Ha Noi and some famous places in Ha Noi.
Grammar: - The past simple ( review)
Vocabulary : - correspond (v) –be impressed by (v) - mosque (n) - depend on (v) - pray ( -
keep in touch (v)
- friendliness (n) - Mausoleum (n)
III.TEACHNIQUES: Networks, True/ false statements , matching . . .
IV.TEACHING AIDS: Cassette, tape, books, pictures, poster. . .
Time T’s and Ss’ activities Content Integration -
7’ - T asks Ss “ If you have a pen pal comes to
HN, where will you take her/him to go? “
- Ss can use English or VN to answer. NETWORKS
- T will give some famous places after Ss Help Ss
answer. Places in Ha enlarge their
- Ss take note. knowledge
about Ha Noi.
- HN Opera House : Nhà
hát lớn (Tích hợp
- HCM Mausoleum: Lăng môn địa lí)
Bác Hồ
- Temple of Literature: Văn
miếu QTG
- Museum of History:Bảo
tàng lịch sử
- One Pillar Pagoda: Chùa
một cột
a) Temple
- T says “Imagine that a foreign pen pal is b) Literature temple
coming to stay with you for a week. What c) Dong xuan Market
activities would you like to do during the visit? d) Museum
The pictures in the book may help you.” e) Historical palace
- Ss look the pictures and give the name of * Chatting:
pictures. - Do you have any pen pal?
- T asks Ss some questions: - Where does she/ he
- Ss answer freely.
from ?
- Have you met him/her?
- T introduces the content of new lesson - If she/ he visits TN, what
- will you introduce
-“Lan has the pen pal and this is the first time him/her?
this friend has come to HN. You listen to the 2. PRESENTATION :
20’ text and find new words”. * New words : Give Ss more
- Correspond (v):(change vocabulary so
by letter): liên lạc qua thư that they can
- T gives new words on the board and Ss - Be impressed by. . . : (v) ( develop their
guess meaning of new words translate) bị ấn tượng bởi. . reading and
- T reads new words twice, Ss listen and .- Friendliness ( n): speaking
repeat. ( translate) sự thân thiện
- Mausoleum ( n):
- T checks new words by playing “Rut out and ( picture) lăng mộ
remember “ - Mosque (n): ( picture)
- Ss take note. nhà thờ hồi giáo
- Pray (v) (action) : cầu
- T explains the grammar. - Peaceful atmosphere (n):
- Ss take note fresh air
- Keep in touch: ( translate
- T gives some sentences on the board and Ss ) giữ liên lạc
guess the content of lesson. *The grammar:
+ Used to + V- inf : ñaõ
- Then Ss listen to the tape twice and Ss read töøng laøm vieäc gì ñoù
the text before the class (individually.) trong QK nhöng khoâng
coøn ôû hieän taïi nöõa.
- T gives Ss listen to the text again, and choose * EX : Lan used to
the correct option. walk past the mosque
- Some Ss give the answer on the board. on the way to her
10’ - T corrects. primary school.
- Ss read the text and correct the guessing. TRUE/ FALSE
- T corrects and Ss take note Help Ss
- Ss work in group to do exercise, and some 1. Lan’s pen pal comes develop their
groups give the key on the board. from Malay. reading skill
- T corrects 2. Kuala Lumpur is a small
- Ss take note city.
* Answer 3.The girls visited Hang
1.f 4. e 7.g Luoc street on Monday.
2.h 5.b 8. i 4.They will write letter to
3.a 6. c each other again.
* Choose the correct option
3’ to complete the sentences
1.C 2.B
3.D 4.B
*Answer ( guessing )
1. T 2. F 3. F
* Matching
1.Hoan kiem lake Consolidate
a.Q.trường Ba Đình the lesson
2.HCM’s stilt house
b. Nhà hát lớn
3.Ba Dinh square
c. Hồ Tây
4.One Pillar Pagoda
d. Chùa một cột
5.HN Opera House
e. Hồ hoàn kiếm
6.West lake
f. Văn miếu
7.Temple of Literature
g. Nhà sàn BH
8.HCM Mausoleum
h. Lăng HCM
- Learn new words and
model sentence by heart
Week 2 Date of planning: 27/ 08/ 2017
Period 3:
After finishing the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Make and respond to introduce.
- Scan for special information.
- Know the way to realize some things through the listening.
Grammar: - The simple past ( review )
Vocabulary : - church (n) - industrial (adj)
III. TECHNIQUES: Introduce myself, who does what, mapped dialogue, Guessing.
IV. TEACHING AIDS: Pictures, books , chalk. Poster, cassette, tape.
Time T’s and Ss’ activities Content Integration -
5’ - T shows some pictures on I.WARM UP :
the board. Guess the words through the Consolidate
- divide class into two teams. pictures the old lesson.
One student doesn’t look at
the board, listens and guess
the words of the pictures
after his friend express.
- T divides the class into 6 1.PRE – SPEAKING:
groups, every group has 5 0r *“Introduce myself”
8 students. - My name’s Lan.
- I am 15 years old This activity
- There are three members in helps Ss get
- The first student in every my family. the way to
10’ group will say about herself/ - I like reading books and introduce
himself. watching TV in my free time. themselves
- Her name’s Lan
- She is 15 years old
-Then the second student in - There are three members in
group responds. her family.
- Ss in group continue to - She likes reading books and
practice. watching TV in
her free time.
* New words :
-Industrial ( adj ) : ( translate):
công nghiệp
- Church ( n) ( picture ) : chuøa
- T gives the new words ( modeling sentence)
- T reads the words twice 2: Put the dialogue in the
and Ss take note. correct order and
- Ss make sentence with the copy it into your exercise
words book:
- T introduces the situation
in lesson : 2. WHILE – SPEAKING:
“Nga is talking to Maryam. - Now you are talking to
Put….the correct order to Maryam’s friends
10’ make a complete one” Introduce yourself.
1. Answer:
- Ss work in group and give 1 – c– 5– b– 4– d– 2– e– 3– a–
the answer on the board. 6
- T gives the correct answer. 2.Making the dialogue :
- Ss take note. A: Are you Paul?
-Ss practice the dialogue B. That’s right .I am
before A. Very nice to meet you. Let
the class.( work in open pair me Practice
) introduce myself. My name’s speaking
- T says” Now you use the Tuan. I am 15
information in the book and years old Ss will be
make similar dialogues B. Me too. Do you live in HN? more confident
introducing yourself to A. Yes, I do. Is it the first time
Maryam’s friends.” you have
been to HN?
B.Yes, it is the first time. HN
is a very nice city.
People here are very friendly
- T introduces some and very hospitable.
information about Yoko, A. Where do you live in
Paul and Jane. England? Do you
live in a city?
B. I live in Liverpool. It is an
- Then Ss work in close industrial city
pairs. in the North of England. Have
-Some pairs practice the you ever been there?
dialogue A. No, I hope I will be able to
before the class. go there next summer.
- T gives some information ” who does what”
about - She likes VN people,
three persons in book. - She lives in a busy big
- Ss listen and guess who is city
that . - She’s from Tokyo
- Who is she?
(she is Yoko)
- T says” You look at the * Chatting :( hang six Guide Ss the
pictures and find the pictures on the board ) way to get key
5’ differences of them“ - What is the difference words before
- Ss look at the pictures and between picture1 listening
find . and 2 in a? ( In picture 1, we
- Then T explains aren’t allowed
to walk on grass. In picture 2,
we aren’t allowed to pick
- What is the difference
between picture 1
and 2 in b? ( In picture 1, the
bus is red and
its number is 103. In picture
2,the bus is blue and its number
is 130)
- What is the difference
-T asks ss to give T/F between picture 1
sentences and 2 in c? ( In picture 1, it is
-ss give the answer: the Mexican restaurant. In
Ex: 1/T picture 2, it is the American
2/T one : hamburgers).
3/F * Guessing : True/ false
5’ - T asks ss to listen to the statements:
tape. 1. Tim and Carlo walk in the
-ss listen and give answer park.
2. They will catch the bus
having number 130.
3. Tim asked Carlo not to walk
on the grass.
2’ ( open the tape )
a) 1 b) 2 c) 2
* Correct the guessing
1. T 2. F 3. T
Mapped Dialogue
2’ - Lan: Are you free, Mary? I
want to take you
Thang Loi park.
- Mary: Oh, yes. I really like Practice
walking in the park. speaking
- Lan: Be careful. You’re
walking on the grass . you will
kill the grass.
- Mary: Oh, sorry. I didn’t see
the sign.
1’ IV.Production:
-Learn new words and the
dialogue by heart.
- Do exercises 2,3 4 pages 6- 8
in ex. book
* Questions
1.Do you know about Malaysia Prepare the
? knowledge for
2.How many populations are reading
there in Malaysia ?
-----------------------------------  THE END ---------------------------------------
Week 2 Date of planning: 27/ 08/ 2017
Period 5:
I. OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to :
- know more information about Malaysia. One of the members of the Association of South East Asian
( ASEAN ),
Grammar: - The simple present ( review),- The simple past ( review)
Vocabulary: - Association of South East Asian Nations (n)= ASEAN
- Divide (v) - religion ( n) -Official (adj) - Comprise(v) - region (n)
Guessing game, True/ False statements, Matching
Pictures, book, chalk, poster. . ..
Time T’s and Ss’ activities Content Integration _ Aim
5’ I. WARM UP :
- T hangs the world map on the GUESSING GAME
board and explains the game. 1/. This country borders with Tích hợp môn địa
- T gives some information. Laos and lý
- Ss guess what that country is Cambodia. It has many tourist
- T says “ Today we will learn about attractions.
Malaysia, a member country of The major cities are Bangkok,
Asian.” Chang Mai.
What country is it? (Thai lan )
2/.It is one of the cleanest
country in the
world. The country and the
capital city share
the same name. Its population is
about 3
million people. What country is
- T gives some new words. it? ( Singapore)
- Ss guess meaning of new words. 3/.It is the country in ASIAN.
- T reads new words twice It has the
- Ss listen and repeat , Ss take note. Petronas Twin Towers.
- T checks the words by playing “ Rub The capital city is
out and remember”. Kuala Lumpur.
What country is it ? (Malaysia)
II. Reading:
- T says “ before reading the text, you 1. PRE – READING :
10’ work in group and complete the table * New words :
with information you already know - Association of South East
about Malaysia if you don’t know, just Asian Nation
discuss with group members and have - Comprise (v): ( translation):
a guess” bao gồm
- Divide (v) : = separate : chia Provide some
- Region (n) : area : v vocabulary to help
ùng, miền Ss understand the
- Islam (n): ( situation) : text easily
- T reads the text once. Đạo hồi
- Ss read the text individually before - Official ( adj): ( translation) :
the class. chính thức
- Ss read the text again, and then fill - Religion (n) : (situation): tôn
in the table. giáo
- Ss give the keys on the board. - Buddhism(n): ( situation) :
- T corrects. Đạo Phật
- Hinduism (n) : ( situation) :
Đạo Hin -đu
- Compulsory ( adj) :
(situation) : bắt buộc Tích hợp môn địa
- Now you read the text again and * Guessing : lí
decide whether the statements are
1. Area: --------------------
True/ false. 2. Population: -------------- Help Ss to get
- Ss work in group, then compare the Climate: ---------------- more knowledge
keys with answer. 3. Unit of currency: ---- about Malaysia
- T corrects.
- Ss take note. 4. Capital city: -----------
- T gives exercise on the board. 5. Official religion: ----------
- Ss do exercise with group. 6. National language:
- The answer keys: 7. Compulsory second
1. I 6. f 3. WHILE – READING :
2. k 7. b a) Fill in the table :
3. d 8.h 1. Area : 329.758
4. c 9. a 2. Population : over 22 million
10’ 5. g 10. e 3. Climate : tropical climate
4. Unit of currency : ringgit
5. Capital city : Kuala Lumpur
6. Official religion : Islam
7. National Language : Bahasa Malay
8. Compulsory Second language: English
b)True/false?Check the boxes. Then
correct the false statements:
* The answer:
1. T Develop reading
2. F comprehension
(there are more than religions)
(English, Chinese, and Tamil are
also widely spoken)
4. F (one of the three: Malay,
Chinese, Tamil)
5. F (English is a compulsory
second language, not primary
language of instruction )
- T gives the homework on the board. MATCHING Teach Ss about
- Ss take note. Matching the name of the some knowledge
capitals with of Geography.
appropriate countries Tích hợp môn địa
1.Viet nam a. Bangkok lý
2. Malaysia b. Phnom
10’ Penh
3.Singapore c. Jakarta
4.Indonesia d. Singapore
5.Philippines e.Bandar Seri
6. Laos f.Vientiane
7.Cambodia g. Manila
8.Myanmar h.Yangun
9.Thailand i.Hanoi
10.Brunei j. Kuala
-Prepare write and language
- learn by heart vocabulary
Week 3 Date of planning: 6/ 09/ 2017
Period 6:
I. OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- learn about tourist topic through the way writing a letter to a friend for talking a trip to one of the
cities in VN.
Grammar: - the past simple (review )
III.TECHNIQUES: Find someone who, word cue drill.
IV. TEACHING AIDS: Book, chalk, poster. . ..
Time T’s and Ss’ activities Content Integration -
* Questions : Review the
- T checks two Ss by asking 1. How many regions does Malaysia divide? old
some questions What are they? ( 3m) knowledge
- Ss give the answer on the 2. How many populations does Malay have
board. in 2001? ( 3m) Help Ss
- Ss work in group. Then 3. What is unit of currency? (3m) develop
some Ss give the keys before cooperation
10’ 1.Pre-writing:
- “you are going to write a - elicit questions:
paragraph about a trip to a 1. When did you arrive in . .. ? Help Ss get
city in VN. Before writing, 2. Who met you at the bus/ train. . .? the
you work in pair asking and 3. Which places do you visit? information
answering about your trip by 4. Who did you meet during the visit? what they
using the following 5. What kind of food did you eat? need to
questions”. 6. What did you buy? write.
- Ss read ten questions and 7. How do you fell about the visit?
work in pair. 8. Are you happy? Tired?
9. What do you like best there?
10.When did you return home?
- Now you will use short 2.While -writing:
15’ answers to write the Dear Mai,
paragraph ( a letter ) for a I arrived at Hue Railway station at 7 a.m on
close friend or a relative Sunday. Uncle Hung took me home by taxi.
about that trip. I’ve visited Ha Long Bay . I was amazed by
- Ss write the letter beautiful sights there. I also went to Dong
individually Ba Market, the biggest market in Hue. This Practice
- Ss compare with classmate is the place where I bought a lot of writing
- T goes around the class to souvenirs .Yesterday uncle Hung and I went skill
help Ss and choose the good to eat bee noodle I enjoyed it very much.
letter to check before the I feel so happy. People in Hue are very nice
class. and friendly. I’ll miss them very much. I’ll
- T corrects leave Hue on Saturday at 2 pm and I’ll Tích hợp
- Ss take note. arrive home at 10 pm, please pick me up at môn ngữ
the station. văn
I am looking forward to meeting and tell
10’ you about the trip in Hue
- T gives some sentences on See you then
the board Yours truly,
- Ss work in group. 3.Post-writing:
- Ss in every group give the * WORD CUE DRILL
keys on the board. Use the suggested word to complete the
- T corrects letter:
Dear Lan * The answer
1. very happy / get your / Dear Lan,
mail. 1.I’m very happy to get your mail.
2. I / back / from/ holiday / 2.I’ve been back from a holiday to the
countryside. countryside. Practice
3. it / one/ most/ interesting / 3.It was one of the most interesting trip I writing
trip / have have ever had. skill.
4. I / play / lots / traditional 4.I played lots of traditional games and ate a
games / and ate / fresh / lots of fresh fruits.
fruits. 5.What about you? Did you have a nice
5. what / you/ ? / nice / weekend?
weekend / ?/ 6.Please write back to me as soon as
6. please write back / me / possible
soon / possible Love
2’ III.Consolidation
IV.Homework Tích hợp
Do exercise 6 in Ex. Book page 9 môn tin.
Write the letter again and send it to the Help Ss
teacher’s email. enhance
their typing
Week 3 Date of planning: 5/ 09/ 2017
Period 6:
By the end of lesson, Ss will review the past simple and “ Wish” sentence.
- Grammar: - the past simple (review)
- the past simple with “ Wish”
-Vocabulary : - Ghost (n) - Monster (n) - Vs. (versus) -Hang (v)
III. TECHNIQUES: Pelmanism, networks, matching.
IV. TEACHING AIDS: Book, chalk, pictures, . . ..
Time T’s and Ss’ activities Content Integration -
5’ I.WARM UP :
- Ss play “ Pelmanism” Pelmanism
(work in group). Review the
- T divides class into Infinitive Past tense past simple
two teams (team a and Meet Met
team b). Each team See Was
choose two the same two Go Went
words (eat –ate), if right Buy Bought
is got marks, if wrong, Say Said
put that word at old Know Knew
place to other group Have Had
continue playing.
* New Words: T teaches
- Ghost (n) (situation) : ma quỷ vocabulary
- Monster (n) ( situation) : yêu quái
- T asks Ss to look at the - Vs. = versus ( preposition)
dialogue in book. (translation ) : so với.
- Ss practice the - hang – hung – hung ( v) : treo
dialogue ( open pairs). - farewell (n) : a party that everyone
T: explains new words says goodbye : tiệc chia tay
- Ss guess meaning * Activity 1:
Work with a partner. Ask and answer
- T says “ These above the questions about what each person
are dialogues between did on the weekend:
two students talking A : What did Ba do on the
about things Ba did last weekend?
week. Now you work in B : He went to see the movie called Enhance
pairs, “Ghost and Monsters” cooperation.
A : When did he see it?
study the table and make B : He saw it on Saturday
similar dialogue about afternoon at two o’clock.
Nga’s, Lan’s, ( Slap the board )
Hoa Play-much Ado About Nothing Sun.7 Tích hợp
Nga Concert- HN singers Sat. 8 môn thể dục
pm Help Ss
Lan Camp- Y & Y All
weeke move not to
Nam Soccer match- §.thap vs. The Sun. 4
be bored and
- T says “ if you have a Cong pm tired.
farewell party, what will
you prepare? “ * Activities 2: Write the things they
- Ss answer freely. did to prepare for the party
- T introduces “Lan and
her friends are holding a
farewell party for Prepare a
Maryam. Write the party
things they did for the
party. Use the pictures  Matching
and the words in the Buy a cake
boxes to help you” Make flowers
Hang a picture of
10’ - T explains new words Go colorful
- Ss guess meaning of lamps
the words and take note. Paint shopping
- Ss make sentence with
the words. The answer:
- Ss work in group. Then - 1. made a cake
Ss give the answer on - 2. hung colorful lamps
the board. - 3. bought flowers
- Ss match the pictures - 4. painted a picture of HN
with the words in the - 5. went shopping
- T corrects. *Activity 3: Work with a partner
- Ss take note. write wishes you want to make in
these situations:
* Modal sentence:
- T asks Ss one question “ Wish” sentence with simple past
“ Do you have a sister/ ( type 2 )
brother ?”. - Diễn tả sự việc trái hiện tại Teach a new
- Ss answer freely. hoặc không thể xảy hiện tại structure.
- T says “ I don’t have a
sister” S + WISH(ES) + S + PSAT SIMPLE
To be : (were) cho tất cả các ngôi
 I wish I had a sister.
Ex: What a pity the weather isn’t nice
- T explains new
 I wish the weather was/ were nice
grammar * The answer
b. I wish I were in the swimming
Ex : She studies badly. pool
 I wish she studied c. I wish I had a computer.
well d. I wish I lived closed to school
or : I wish she didn’t e. I wish I had a sister.
study badly f. I wish I drew well
- Ss do example on the g. I wish I knew many friends
board h. I wish I had my friend’s phone
- Ss do exercise 3 page number
5’ 12 in book III. HOMEWORK :
( individually ). Then T - Learn by heart new words
calls some Ss give the - Do exercises 7,8 in Ex. Book pages
keys on the board. 10- 11.
- T corrects
Week 4 (Tuần 4) Date: September, 10th 2017
Period 7: UNIT 2 (Bài 2): CLOTHING
I.OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to ask and respond to questions on
person preferences. Especially the traditional clothes of some countries all over the world and Viet
Grammar: - The passive ( review) - The present perfect ( review )
Vocabulary : - poet (n), a long silk tunic (n), loose, pants (n), fashion(n), poetry
III. TECHNIQUES: Crossword, answer given . . . .
IV. TEACHING AIDS: Pictures, books , chalk, tape, cassette . . .
Time T’s and Ss’ activities Content Integration -
I.Warm up
5’ - T asks Ss some questions . * Game Encourage
- Ss answer freely. - Where does she/he come from? Ss to join the
- T says “ Today we’ll learn about - Why do you know she/he come from? lesson.
the traditional costumes of some * New words:
countries. First, you look at the - Kimono (n) ( picture): áo ki mô nô
dress that some people are wearing. - Sari (n) : ( picture) : tấm vải quấn
Decide where each person comes quanh người làm áo study
from “ - Veil (n) ( picture) : mạng che mặt
- Then Ss look at the pictures in - kilt ( n) ( picture): áo của người dân
book and answer. tộc
- T gives some new words * The answer:
- T reads twice and Ss repeat - She comes from Japan. She is
- Ss take note. wearing a Kimono.
- T checks by playing “ Slap the - She comes from Viet Nam. She is
board”. wearing Ao dai. Give the
- He comes from Scotland. He is correct
- T asks Ss look at the pictures in wearing a kilt. answer to SS
book to tell where they come from. - She comes from India. She is
- Some Ss give the answer before wearing a sari
the class. - He comes from the USA. He is
- T corrects wearing the Cowboy.
- Ss take note. - She comes from ( Saudi) Arabia. She
is wearing a Veil.
- What material is Ao dai made from?
- Who wear Ao dai? Is modern Ao dai
- T says “As you know, Ao dai is different from the old one?
the traditional dress of VN. So what II. LISTEN AND READ
do you know about Ao dai?” 1. New words :
15’ - Ss answer freely. - Poet (n) ( Ng.Du, To Huu are poets):
nhà thơ
- T opens the tape once and gives - Poetry (n) ( situation): thơ ca
new words on the board. - Loose pants ( n) (picture): quần ống study
- Ss guess meaning of new words, rộng
then take note. - A long silk tunic ( n) ( picture): áo lụa
- T reads new words twice dài
- Ss listen carefully and repeat - Fashion (n): (tranlation): thời trang
(whole the class ) - Fashionable (adj) (tranlation): thời
- Ss read individually before the trang
class. - Inspiration (n) (relation): cảm hứng
- T checks new words by playing - Symbol (n): (relation) : biểu tượng
“ Rub out and remember” - Pattern (n) (situation): hoa văn,mẫu
- Unique (adj): (traslation): đọc nhất vô
- T explains the grammar “ the ( Drag and drop)
present perfect”. 2.The grammar : The present prefect
- Ss listen carefully and take note.
- T opens the text again. S + HAVE/HAS + V(ed/c3)+ . . .
- Ss listen and read the text
(individually) . Ex: Some have printed lines of poetry
- T corrects pronunciation on the Ao dai.
10’ 3. PRACTICE :
LUCKY NUMBERS a) Complete the sentences. Use the
1 2 3 information from the passage.
1. For a long time the ao dai has been
4 5 6 the subject of poems, novels, and Develop
songs. reading skill
Ss work in group to complete the 2. The ao dai is described as a long
sentences. silk tunic with slits up the sides
worn over loose pants.
- Ss give the keys on the board. 3. The majority of Vietnamese
- T corrects by playing “ Lucky women prefer to wear modern
numbers” clothing at work.
- Ss take note. 4. Some designers have modernized
the ao dai by printing lines of
- T says “Now you read the text poetry on it.
again and answer the questions in 5. Another alternative is to add
b)” symbols such as suns, starts,
- Ss work in close pairs or open crosses and stripes.
pairs. 6. Lucky number
- Ss give the answer on the board. 7. lucky number.
5’ - T corrects b) Answer the questions:
- Ss take note. * The answer:
1. Traditionally, men and women used
- T gives some questions on the to wear the Ao dai
poster. 2. Because it is more convenient
- Ss work in group and then give 3. They have printed lines of poetry on
the keys on before the class it or have added symbols such as suns,
starts, crosses, and stripes to the “ Ao
5’ - T gives the homework on the 4. PRODUCTION : Read and get
board. * Answer the questions: more
- Ss take note a) Do you like wearing Ao dai? information
b) Do you like wearing Ao dai flower
and Ao dai color?
c) What color is popular with students
at high school? With the middle age?
- Learn new words and the grammar by
- Do exercise: Supply the correct verbs
1. They ( just meet ) him at the airport.
2. She ( buy ) a new bike last month
3. Nam often ( watch ) TV after
- Do exercise 1 on pages 12, 13 in Ex.
-----------------------------------  THE END ---------------------------------------
2.CHECK UP (15’) T checks two Ss.
Use “I wish”
a/ I don’t have a car. I wish …………………
b/ The book isn’t cheap. I wish …………