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[ 해커스토익] 2 0 0 8 년 9 월 N E W T O E IC 예상문제 Pa rt 5 / 6
By 7년 연속(2002~2008) 990만점강사 정 재 현
- Part 5 와 Part 6를 연속적으로 23분을 재고 속도감 있게 풀어보세요, 모
두들 팟팅! *^^
1. Workers should ------- their immediate 7. The company's administrative and
supervisors if they anticipate arriving late ------- reforms kept the company from
at work. going bankrupt during the recession.
(A) notify (A) manager
(B) announce (B) will manage
(C) forward (C) managerial
(D) arrange (D) managed
2. The Secretary's ------- remarks had an 8. The equipment had to be sent back to
immediate impact on his audience. the manufacturer because it was damaged
(A) final ------- repair.
(B) finally (A) without
(C) finalize (B) beyond
(D) finalizing (C) over
(D) against
3. An international shipping control
system ------- as a way to reduce 9. Even though the start was delayed by
accidents at sea. the inclement weather, the project was
(A) considers completed as ------- scheduled.
(B) are considering (A) originality
(C) is being considered (B) original
(D) has considered (C) originally
(D) origins
4. After fifteen years of dedicated -------
to the company, Ms. Melissa will be 10. The new book about marketing
retiring at the end of this month. strategies is ready for publication -------
(A) opportunity the minor corrections in the book design.
(B) service (A) except that
(C) occupation (B) wide of
(D) celebration (C) aside from
(D) prior
5. If there is any money ------- in the
budget, we need to modernize our 11. Internal communications are expected
company's present system of international to improve once the new telephone
communications. system -------.
(A) remain (A) is installed
(B) installed
(B) remained
(C) was installed
(C) remaining
(D) will be installed
(D) remains
12. Since a new chef was hired in
6. Since Ms. Cordell had extensive -------
February, Creamy Ice-cream has seen
experience in sales, she was chosen to ------- increases in sales.
lead the merger preparation team. (A) dramatically
(A) prior (B) drama
(B) outgoing (C) dramatic
(C) regardless (D) dramatize
(D) limiting
13. In order to increase productivity, we 20. Many think that trading stocks -------
need to significantly improve our ------- of an excellent way for investors to make
production. profits.
(A) methods (A) being
(B) sales (B) is
(C) calculation (C) are
(D) relation (D) have been
14. From now on, the company cafeteria 21. ------- a drop in demand for
will be closing at 10 pm unless ------- passenger vehicles, Diesel Motors had to
stated. cut back on production.
(A) besides (A) In fact
(B) afterwards (B) Due to
(C) also (C) When
(D) otherwise (D) Except for
15. The result of our research team's 22. Soon after announcing his retirement,
survey proved ------- that consumers Mrs. Vinho will be honored for her
purchase more expensive cars in times of numerous ------- achievements.
prosperity. (A) profession
(A) conclusive (B) professions
(B) conclusion (C) professional
(C) conclusively (D) professionally
(D) concluded
23. Thanks to the back-up generators
16. With many customers waiting for which were ------- installed, we could
more affordable computers, Simon Tech. keep the plant operational during the
is ------- to release its latest model. power outage.
(A) hopeful (A) brightly
(B) about
(B) accidentally
(C) possible
(C) recently
(D) longing
(D) presumably
17. The company plans to cut its
operating costs by closing two plants and 24. The renowned chef , who worked in
encouraging workers to take early -------. Japan more than three years, prepared
(A) retire the raw fish that ------- at dinner.
(B) retiring (A) serving
(C) retired (B) are served
(D) retirement (C) have served
(D) was served
18. As a ------- of the recent
reorganization of the company, the 25. Please be noted that any purchased
management anticipates an improvement
items which have a market value of over
in operating income.
300 dollars are ------- to a 15% duty
(A) variety
(B) search charge.
(C) result (A) willing
(D) condition (B) subject
(C) original
19. Since the news that coffee can be (D) regretful
very harmful to one's health was
broadcast, the consumption of coffee has 26. In order to deal with our new
dropped to a much ------- level than in investment portfolios, we need to acquire
years past. ------- computer systems.
(A) less (A) advanced
(B) few
(B) advances
(C) little
(C) to advance
(D) lower
(D) advancement
27. Profits have decreased sharply over 34. If you do not make a payment by the
the past year, which ------- that West due date, a service ------- of two percent
River Foods Co. should find better ways will be added.
to improve productivity. (A) charge
(A) depends (B) charged
(B) specializes (C) will be charged
(C) demonstrates (D) charges
(D) charges
35. The top interior designer of Coco
28. Even though Mrs. Russo one of the Beauty worked as ------- at various
top technicians of Define Co , retired last fashion magazine companies.
month, the management still has not (A) illustrate
found anyone ------- her. (B) illustration
(A) replaced (C) illustrator
(B) to replace (D) illustrations
(C) will replace
(D) replaces 36. Dr. Zumer, a ------- writer for the
magazine Cook and Joy, has been working
29. Only those certified nursing -------- as a chef of the Summit Hotel.
who can work at least three years (A) contributing
overseas can apply for the open position. (B) depending
(A) attendant (C) respective
(B) attendance (D) signifying
(C) attending
(D) attendants 37. Our new cooling system is of high
quality and ------- to all aspects of the
30. Although we ------- need audio building code.
technicians in the recording studio, our (A) regards
current budget does not allow us to hire (B) expects
any. (C) manages
(A) besides (D) conforms
(B) still
(C) previously 38. ------- he discovered the cause of the
(D) finally engine problem, the airline mechanic
worked through the night to correct it.
31. Mr. Aoki resigned ------- his position (A) Then
as communications manager for Western (B) And so
Europe since his health condition had (C) After
suddenly deteriorated. (D) Until
(A) as
(B) to 39. Even though they cost much more
(C) in than others, flowers still ------- the most
(D) from popular items for decoration in the
reception area.
32. Based on the information we ------- (A) select
from distributors and customers, we are (B) remain
planning to relocate our headquarters. (C) acknowledge
(A) are received (D) accept
(B) receives
(C) have received 40. You can take advantage of the special
(D) receiving offer should you decide to join Marcia
Dance program ------- the month of April.
33. Even though the manager ------- the (A) at
need for increased staff, he could do (B) on
nothing to improve the situation. (C) during
(A) gains (D) above
(B) returns
(C) recognizes
(D) enters
Questions 141-143 refer to the following fax.
From : Max Stein
To : All employees
Re : Newly developed e-mail guidelines
Last week I met several times ------- Sonya Bell,
141. (A) about
(B) among
(C) to
(D) with
Director of Human Resources, to discuss the results of the recent professional
development workshops held throughout the firm. We especially talked about the
widespread dissatisfaction among our employees that they are spending excessive
time and energy on reading answering e-mail each day. -------,
142. (A) As a result
(B) However
(C) In addition
(D) While
my staff has put together a ------- of suggestions to improve this situation.
143. (A) total
(B) series
(C) word
(D) piece
We have enclosed a document which lists those suggestions. Please read them
carefully and tell us what you think.
Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.
To : Will Grace
From : Victoria Cook
cc : Bob Davenport
Subject : Excessive absences?
Date : October 12 14:20 GMT
I received a ------- e-mail from your supervisor,
144. (A) surprise
(B) surprised
(C) surprising
(D) surprises
Bob Davenport, informing me that you ------- a number of unexcused absences
145. (A) will have
(B) to have
(C) have had
(D) will have had
in the last couple of months. According to his report, you were absent on August 18
and 19, in addition to yesterday. And you've been late for work every Monday, too.
When you worked directly under me until I was promoted to my current position, my
------- of you was always very positive.
146. (A) work
(B) attitude
(C) impression
(D) search
I'd like to get to the bottom of this. If you'd like to talk, my door is always open.
Questions 147-149 refer to the following announcement
Direct Deposit
Investors who want to automatically deposit funds into their accounts on a weekly
monthly, or quarterly basis can now sign up for the Eurotrade direct deposit service.
You can transfer funds from ------- any European Union bank, brokerage hours,
147. (A) near
(B) nearer
(C) nearest
(D) nearly
or credit union to your Eurotrade account. To take advantage of this innovative -------,
148. (A) idea
(B) feature
(C) group
(D) building
print out, fill in, and mail to us a copy of the direct deposit application form posted
on our web site. You may ------- call Client Services at 1-800-3256 to request
application forms. 149. (A) also
(B) often
(C) ever
(C) before